Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2014

Hello Lovelies!

When I heard that Walmart jumped on the beauty subscription bandwagon I was excited for something new and signed up right away! I knew joining this box would mean that there wouldn't be any 'high-end brands', but I also knew it would be cheap and you would get a good amount of products. 

This subscription is only $5 per box and it is 'per season' instead of monthly. The products you receive in your box also depend on which age range you give them.

Here is what I got in my box!

Secret Clinical Strength Gel Deodorant, full size! 
I am really excited to get this! This item itself pays for the box! Plus, it is something that I know I will use, because deodorant is a must in my book! This smells really nice, it has a floral clean like scent.

Dove Oxygen Moisture Hair Care Deluxe Sample Set, shampoo, conditioner, and dry oil.
This set is a great size, I will be able to get more than one use out of them, which is always nice when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. The oil will probably last for awhile since a little goes a long way! 

 L'Oreal Glossy Balm in Petite Plum.
This lip balm is very nice and smooth and the perfect color for fall!

 Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Perfume Vial Sample. 
This perfume is a mix between fruity and floral, it is really nice but I can't use too much because it gives me a headache.

 Covergirl Glossy Days Glosstinis nail polish in 670 (yellow)
At first I was not excited over a yellow polish, but then I remembered I wanted to do my Pacman nails again and I needed a yellow one too achieve that look!

 Neutrogena Nourshing Long Wear Makeup Sample Card.
Sample cards are meh to me, but I was excited to see that their lightest color would actually match my skin tone so I might go and pick one up. This also comes with a $2 off coupon.

 L'Oreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher Foil Packet 
Again foil packets are meh, but at least there was enough in here to cover my whole face at least twice. I want to go pick up a bottle since it says pores will be smaller within a month, and I do have medium sized pores and it would be nice to get rid of them.

 Overall I am happy with the Walmart Beauty Box and I can't wait for the next one to come out! 

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Monday, September 29, 2014


Hello Lovelies!

Last week I re-signed up for Beauty Box 5 because they were having a 'get your first month free' promo, and being me, there was no resisting free stuff! I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the box got here, and even more surprised when I received not only September's box, but an August box as well! Two free boxes, SCORE!!! 

If you don't know what Beauty Box 5 is, it is a monthly beauty subscription that sends you 5 deluxe sized samples, or full size products for $12 per month. If you would like to join Beauty Box 5, CLICK HERE.

Join Beauty Box 5 on or before September 30th and get August's box free with code UUXQGW   I'm not sure if this can only be used for one person or multiples people. 

Now to the boxes! 


Style Essentials Nail Polish, it doesn't have a name for the color but it is cute! RTV is $7 for a 4 polish collection ($1.75 per bottle) 

 Purliss Pur Protect SPF 30 0.5 fl oz
I have seen a lot of Purlisse in boxes, but this is actually the first time I have got one I think. I'm happy getting moisturizers, especially now that it is getting close to winter and my skin gets a bit drier. 
RTV $55 for 1.7 fl oz
Sample RTV around $9.60

Nanacoco Lip Gloss in First Kiss
This is actually a nice gloss, it is pigmented like a lipstick but sticky like a gloss. The packaging is nice and gives it a more 'expensive' look even though it is cheap.
RTV $3.99

La Fresh Travel Lite Facial Cleansing Wipes, pack of 8 wipes. 
I love cleansing wipes! They are so great, and perfect in travel size to keep in my purse for when I'm out and about or traveling. 
Full size is 48 wipes for $19.99. Rtv for this sample is around $3.28 

 Novex Brazilian Keratin Conditioner 1.05 Fl OZ
My hair is pretty damaged so I love getting samples of conditioners or treatments. I'm excited to try this!
RTV 2lbs is $19.50
Sample RTV is around $0.60

August's Box's RTV is around $19.19

September's Box:

Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara in Black
YAY for mascara's, especially full sized ones! I am and will probably forever be on the hunt for my holy grail mascara, so I will never get mad getting these in sample boxes!
RTV $7.99

My Beauty Spot Nail Polish. 
Another polish with no name. I'm not much of a gold nail polish person, but I'm sure I will find use for this with accent nails. 
RTV $24.99 for a collection of 6 
RTV for single polish is about $4.16 

Sally Hansen Toe Spacers
I'm honestly not super excited about these since they are such a cheap item and easily attainable, I would prefer not to get toe separators in a sample box.
RTV $1.99 

Natural Style by FUBU x2 .5 fl oz each
These look really interesting to me, they are a deep conditioner (Yes!) & Co-wash. I am not a two in one person usually but the word 'deep conditioning' peeked my interest. I like that we were given two, since one isn't always enough for me. 
RTV $9.99 12 FL Oz
RTV of samples is about $0.83

 Nicka K New York Eyelight Crayon in Gold
These are nice for a quick and easy make up look. I like to keep eyeshadow crayons in my purse for just in case, you never know when you might be late and need some quick make up on the go.
RTV $4.49

Total RTV for September's Box is around $19,46

Overall the boxes are ok, definitely not my favorite subscription, I will give it one month and if I'm not impressed I will definitely be canceling. 

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*NOTD* Featuring Christian Louboutin Nail Polish in Lady Twist

Hello Lovelies!!

I just recently received a box from Sephora and before I posted the haul, I wanted to show you all this beautiful nail polish, plus I was too impatient to wait to use it! In my haste to put it on and show you all I did not clean up my nails before taking the photo, so please excuse the mess ;)

As soon as I saw Christian Louboutin's new nail polish Noir collection, I knew I needed Lady Twist. I decided on Lady Twist because it is a color I knew I would wear and love. These polishes are expensive, at a whopping $50 per polish, so I suggest that if you buy one, pick a color that you know you will love. 

Can we just take a moment to admire the packaging! The handle on this polish could double as a weapon! I love the long handle, it makes the application easy using either hand. The handle is made out of metal and is definitely great quality. The packaging on this polish without a doubt gets an A+!

The polish is really nice, it glides on smoothly and doesn't streak, it is very opaque. Only two coats are needed to achieve the perfect color. The formula has withstood me doing dishes and showering, I will do an update in a few days to let you all know how it is lasting. 

No flash


No Flash


Is this polish worth the $50? Hmmm I'm not so sure yet to be honest, I love the packaging, and the color but I need a few days to decide if I love the polish's formula as much as the packaging.

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Friday, September 26, 2014


Hello Lovelies!

Today I thought I would break out of doing hauls and do a 'What's in my bag' post instead! I'm always looking at Youtube Videos or blog posts with this tag; it is one of those times I become a bit 'nosy', I don't know why I find it so interesting to see what's in other people's bags! 

Well, now it is your turn to be nosy, here is what is in my bag!

The bag I'm carrying is the Steve Madden Stud and Tassel Crossbody in black, if I remember correctly, the retail of this bag is $78. 

And the contents I keep inside of the bag:

Harry Potter Wallet, of course this is like the main item in all handbags, since it holds our money and I.D.'s! I removed all my cards from it for the picture but put my Ulta Rewards in the picture slot. Behind the cards slots there is a place that you can put cash/receipts, etc. I use it for storing more of my cards. Then on the right side is two slots for cash/receipts. I love this wallet, I just got it in last week and as soon as I got it I put it to use right away; if you didn't know I have a Harry Potter obsession! This wallet is only $14.80 at Hottopic, if you want to purchase one for yourself, Click Here.

Paper Notebook with Gold Spots. I always have a notebook on me, I use it to keep track of bills, check register, blog posts, orders that are coming, etc. I got it from either Target or Walmart for around $6.  I like this one because the spine is open, so it stays open easily. I wish I would have purchased more of them when I got the first one! 

To go along with my notebook, a Pentel Click N Go pen. I originally got this pen in a set with a bunch of different colors thinking that the ink would be the color of the pen, but I was wrong. I am okay with that though, these turned out to be my favorite pen! These are so awesome and write so smoothly, love them! 

A hotwheel, pterodactyl toy, and fruit snacks. As a mom I always keep stuff like this on me for when I'm out and about with my son and he needs a little snack or to keep him distracted a bit. 

Gum!!! I love gum, I only ever use Spearmint, I'm not into flavors like strawberry or ice cream. 

Bath & Body Works products, I always like to carry a perfume with me, you never know when you might need a spritz! The perfume I'm currently carrying around is Bath & Body works Forever Red, this perfume smells so incredibly good! I bought a couple of the travel sized ones and I still need to invest in a full sized one. 
Pocket Bac Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer in Caribbean Escape. Anti-Bacterial is always important to carry around!!! 

Last but not least, the beauty items I like to carry around with me are:
Benefit's Dandelion Lipgloss
MAC's Venomous Villains lipglass in Strange Potion
Lypsel Chapstick
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15
Benefit BadGal Mascara
Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in Black
Smashbox Travel Full Exposure Palette

I hope you enjoyed looking into what is in my bag!! 

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hello Lovelies!!

My first Sephora order came in the other day and I am so happy with the products! Sephora is one of my many favorite places to shop at for beauty items, and I always tend to find myself scavenging their site for more products. 

My haul:

Benefit Hot 2 Trot! Kit ($29)
This set was the reason why I made a purchase from Sephora, Benefit Cosmetics is discontinuing their Bella Bamba blush so I jumped on this blush before it was too late. Sephora is the last place that has this blush except for Ebay and Amazon, but it was a better deal to get it from Sephora because for just $1 more you get a deluxe sized Cha Cha tint as well. The blush is a beautiful watermelon pink, and like all of Benefit's Box of Powders, the packaging is absolutely adorable!

Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Size Palette ($22)
I wanted to get this palette because I had a full size one that I loved but ended up losing it. I liked the idea of a travel sized one because I do travel quite often, but I did not expect it to be so small, I love how small it is! I can literally put this in my wallet, yeah my wallet!! This is the perfect palette to take with you anywhere! I'm keeping it in my purse for one of those 'you never know moments'. The eyeshadows are beautiful, it includes four shimmery shades and four matte shades. The person/robot who glued in the shadows didn't glue them all in perfectly straight, but that is okay with me, they are glued in tight and that is all that matters. I took pictures of it next to my Ulta Rewards card just to show how small the size is. 


Promo Code Extra - BareMinerals set includes:
Prime Time Foundation Primer Deluxe sample
BareMinerals Original Foundation in Fairly Light Deluxe sample
BareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation in Bare Linen

Pick 3 Samples:
Elizabeth And James Nirvana Black Perfume Sample Spray
Make Up For Ever Mist And Fix Spray
Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub

I was surprisingly impressed with the sample choices for this one, they usually only have perfume samples and foil packets, and as soon as a saw the MUFE mist and fix I was like YES!!!! 


Giorgio Armani Si Perfume foil
This perfume smells SOOOOOO good!!!! It is definitely a fruity scent and I just can't even describe how amazing it is, if you like fruity scents, go smell this perfume! This is a time when I wish you could scratch and sniff the computer (One day I'm sure it will happen lol). I will definitely be getting this perfume! 
 I love getting little perfume sample cards to smell, because if I like them I will leave them laying around the house as little hints for my husband LOL. 

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