Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hello everyone! 
It has been awhile since I have posted a blog update and I keep meaning to put up some posts that I have but life has been crazy lately lol! 
I got my Little Black Bag in the mail today and I am in love with all of the items!! I opened my bag with a $35 wallet, $16 lipstick and a pair of $18 earrings. I also added to my bag a purse that was on sale for around $17 and a pair of sandals on sale for $12/$13. It only cost me $23.90 to open with the wallet! I actually traded the sale purse I got away but ended up with it again before my bag closed, which made me happy because I absolutely love it! 

Want to try LBB? Use this link and you will get 25% OFF your first bag if you are a new user, just click HERE!!!! Also, if you open a bag right now, LBB will give you a free deluxe sample of either NUME shampoo or conditioner!!

Here are the items I got in my LBB:

Dirty Laundry Loop-O-Rama sandals in black (Retail $49)! These are so adorable, I absolutely love them and they are going to be perfect to wear during the summer! These were the sale sandals that I added to bag.

Steve Madden Merlot Leopard Tote (Retail $98)! This bag is absolutely beautiful! This is the original bag I added to my bag during the sale and I am so happy I got it back! This thing is HUGE!! I will be using this for plane days since I can fit my laptop in it and still have plenty of other room for my stuff and my sons stuff! 

Street Level Studded Drawstring Bucket Tote (Retail $85)!  This bag was another sale bag but I traded for it and I am happy I did! I moved all my stuff into this bag right away it is so cute! 

Olivia + Joy Knick Knack Hobo (Retail $98)! This bag was on sale as well and I traded for this bag! Most of the sale bags were actually really cute and got amazing trades! I am so happy they had this sale, it made getting items so much easier lol.

K. Kreative Earring Set (Retail $15)! I love these earrings! I really liked the lightening bolt ones because they remind me of Harry Potter lol!

Mystique Beaded Tribal Bracelet (Retail $18)! I cannot tell you how many times I got this bracelet and traded it away lol. I decided after trading it so many times that I wanted to keep one and I'm happy I did! This is such a cute bracelet and goes great with my Street Level studded bucket tote!

Bindy Gold & Green Wrap Bracelet (Retail $24)! This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous! I'm in love lol!

T & J Designs Bold Stone Stud Earrings (Retail $18)! I saw someone post these in Traders and thought they were really pretty, so I made sure I got them!

Jardin Daisy Earrings (Retail $24)! These are cute but a little bigger than I thought they would be.

Geranium Horseshoe Stud Earrings (Retail $17)! I love Geranium stud earrings, I got a pair of little bambi ones in the past and they are just adorable!!! Plus the packaging is so cute, I love how they come in a little box!

Mystique Chain Bib Necklace (Retail $20)! Nobody liked this necklace except me I swear lol! I think it is so cute and it was one of the first things my husband saw that he actually liked in my bag!

Ruddy Water Blushed Rollerball (Retail $18)! This smells so good! It has a vanilla, lemony scent that I love!! I am obsessed with rollerballs too, I prefer them over having to spray myself with perfume because it is perfect for on the go! 

Total Retail Value of my bag $484 and I paid a little over $50 with my original opening bag + add to bag items!!!! This was an amazing bag for me! I'm so excited how much I got out of what I paid and love everything I got!!! 

Some tips I have for trading are, trade for the full 7 days! Even if you think that you love your bag, you never know what can happen, an amazing offer can come along! Even if you don't like an item if the offer is a good one (above value, multiple item trade, or popular item) you should take it because you have better chances of trading the items for things you love, get a higher value bag, and end up with more items! Use the chat feature!! There are so many great girls, and so far one guy, that are in the chat and they can be very helpful! 

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

During my last giveaway I gave you items that I traded for in LBB, this time I'm going to do things differently! Instead of me picking item for you, I'm going to give one lucky winner a $50 Little Black Bag Gift Card!!! That's right $50!! I think it is fun to trade for yourself and then I won't have to worry about the winner liking the items lol!! You can use it once on an opening with a bag/etc., or use it for multiple openings with smaller items! It is up to you!  

Rules For The Giveaway:

You must be a follower of my blog!! (Please do not follow my blog just to unfollow it after the giveaway is over!)

You must be 18 years old, or have parents permission!

You must live in America, Canada, APO/FPO or Puerto Rico as those are the only places LBB ships to! 

I will pick a person at random (I DO NOT play favorites, I like things to be fair! Everyone has an equal chance of winning).

If you are following my blog you are automatically entered into the giveaway! 

For an EXTRA chance to win the giveaway you can leave a comment below of what item you like most out of my LBB haul! 

I will notify the winner of the giveaway the day it ends by making a blog post, posting it on twitter (HERE) and on Instagram (HERE).


I am changing the date that the giveaway ends, I will be out of town when I was going to end it so I am actually going to extend it until AUGUST 18TH when I will be back home! Sorry for the date change!!!!! <3 

Disclaimer: I am doing this giveaway on my own, Little Black Bag is in no way involved or endorsing this giveaway. I am purchasing the gift card with my own money. 


  1. I had the mystique bracelet too, but traded it its cure in real life i may try to get another one.

  2. I love the Knick Knack hobo and Bindy bracelet. Both are in my current bag! I also love the Geranium earrings and am devastated that I traded them away in my last bag :( Thanks so much for offering this very generous giveaway! I follow you on Instagram as well! We have so much in common! :)

  3. I follow your blog & I really like the sandals you got! :)


  4. Im loving that Steve Madden Tote, leopard is my fave! This is a great giveaway. I've wanted to try LBB for such a long time!

  5. I like the Olivia + Joy Knick Knack Hobo bag.

  6. Those Harry Potter earrings are awfully cute! And I definitely see the resemblance to his scar! I also really like the horseshoe earrings! Nice haul!

  7. I love all of the bracelets that you have :)

  8. I really like the leopard tote--didn't realize it was so big when I saw it on LBB. Also, the bracelet is super-cute!! Such a great bag overall!

  9. I liked the stud earrings and the wrap bracelet the best. =)

  10. I love love love the star and lightning and triangle stud earrings!

  11. I love the leopard Steve Madden tote! :)

  12. You got such a great deal on all of those items! It's crazy! Just reading through, I was just like... "She got that, too?! All for that price?!" lol. When I saw the lightening bolt earrings... I instantly fell in love. :P

    ☮ Melli { Casual Beauty }

  13. I've been following your blog on GFC as "Danielle/See Shop Love!"

    My favorite item is the Street Level Drawstring tote! I love the design on it.


  14. My favorite is the green Bindy bracelet.

  15. I love the Bindy! I have a thing for the Bindys. I must have them all!

  16. Love the Street Level Studded Drawstring Bucket Tote!

  17. Hi,how r u? :) Love the blog,I also subscribed to Amandas(Odair) a couple months ago too..I'd like to start 1 myself being that i'm always "talking" so much, what better way to get it out right,haha. As for your Lbb,over all its a GREAT haul chic!! And I gotta say I LOVE the Bindy...well ANY & ALL Bindys..I'm like BlackMagicRose ^^^above "I MUST have them far i have 4!! Just got that Leopard SM in mail about 2 wks ago...for my 15 yr old daughter who has been wanting it since it came out :) she also has the Taupe colored Croc 1 & Red Croc 1...and I have the black viper...needless 2say we are DEFINETLY SM fans,lol. Oh & I have tht Mystique tribal bracelet in my gifted bag tht I just re-opened...I do think I'm gonna ship it this time though,lol...its just so darn hard to make up our minds sometimes,is'nt it..hehe..Well keep up the great blogging chica!!

  18. I like the K Kreative earrings the most :)

  19. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how awesome the leopard tote is (I got mine in the mail the other day). I don't know why it ever went on such a sale making people look down on that item!

  20. I'm loving the Olivia + Joy Knick Knack Hobo Bag!!!!! So cute :)

  21. hey hey! So I have tagged you to do this new tag I have collaborated with two other bloggers called: the Top Three Tag! Check my post here for more info:

  22. I LOVE the merlot leopard tote. Also, the mystique bracelet and necklace were very cool too.

  23. Ok, wow! Your bag is amazing, I debated on opening with half your items! :) My absolute favorite would have to be the Mystique chain bib necklace, which btw thank you for posting pics, that picture helped decide if it was a keep or a trade :)

    Also, how do I follow your blog? I have both a google + and a blogspot but am very confused.... lol Thanks!

  24. I love the tribal bracelet you got! So perfect for summer :)

  25. I do lbb too... how did you manage to trade for all that stuff? The most Ive managed is 3 bags, and 1 piece of jewelry?