Saturday, May 25, 2013


Hello everyone!
I received my May's Beauty Box 5 in the mail today! I will start by saying that this month's box was great, but even though I have only been subbed for two months I don't want a beauty subscription that sends products from the same companies month after month so I did cancel.... for now lol I think that BB5 is $12 per month. Want to get your own Beauty Box 5 subscription box, Click HERE.

Here is what came in my box!

Jean Pierre Tanning Towelettes (x2 towelettes):  I do not tan so this is not a product I will be using, I actually added this to go into the giveaway I am having that closes today! Hurry and enter if you haven't already! You can find it HERE. Retail price for a pack of 10 is $8.99.

La Fresh Deodorant Wipes (x2 wipes): I am actually really happy that I got these since I will be having a long airplane ride next week. I'm flying from Oregon to North Carolina and including layover time I will be traveling for 11+ hours with a 3 year old. These are definitely going to come in handy for that plane ride!! Retail price for a pack of 48 is $19.90.

Coolway Transform Styling Spray (3.30 OZ): This is a great size sample! My mom has already claimed this, which is fine because you are supposed to blow dry your hair after using and I never blow dry my hair since it dries straight on its own. Retail price is $24.95 for 6.7 Oz!

Model Co. Black Eyeliner (Full Size!): I know a lot of people dislike getting eyeliner, especially black eyeliner, in subs but I love it because I am an eyeliner hoarder! Actually to be honest, I'm an everything make up hoarder lol! I don't use pencil liners too often though, I prefer to use MAC's Fluid line but this eyeliner is a very true dark black and goes on smoothly and effortlessly! I like when pencil liners go on nicely and you don't have to practically stab the crap out of your eye to get the color on there lol This is full size and retails for $18!

Ferro Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow in Espresso: I really love this color! I like when I get sample eyeshadows that I can and will actually wear and this is definitely one of those colors! It is pretty shimmery but it doesn't go overboard on the glitter. There isn't much in the sample jar but a little goes a long way with loose pigments! Plus it makes me happy just for the fact that even though there was not much in the sample, at least they put it in a jar and not in like a little bag! 

I really did love this month and I do plan on re-subscribing hopefully in July, I just have to cut down on my subs while I'm traveling so that I don't have them stuck in my mail box forever lol!

I give this month's box an A! They really did a great job! Do you get BB5? If you do what color of eyeshadow did you get?!


  1. I'm not subbed to beauty box, but you got awesome stuff! I love getting eyeliners in my ipsy bag because that just means I don't have to buy another one for awhile lol.

  2. I highly suggest subbing to ipsy, if you haven't already. It's the best I have tried.

    1. I love Ipsy, I have been subbed to them for a year this month =] Yay one year anniversary lol I do really like this month's BB5 box and I will most likely re-subscribe to them soon.