Thursday, May 2, 2013



Hello everyone!! I am so excited, I got my very first Cravebox! I like this company because you can decide by the title and clues what kind of box it is and whether or not you want to purchase it! As soon as I saw the Girls Night In I knew that I wanted it! This box cost $14 and I have to say that I am amazed at the quality of the products!

 The first item I saw in the box was this bottle of fruit2o in Strawberry. I have actually purchased this brand of flavored water multiple times in the past and will continue to purchase it as an alternative to drinking soda. 
Retail for individual is around $1.

Hills Bro's Cappuccino mix in French Vanilla! 
This is another product that I regularly purchase and love! I actually have not ever bought this flavor, I usually get the Double Mocha, but this is sooo good!! (Go Hawks!!)
Retail price $3.24.

Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm in Fresh Plum.
I like that this is very tinted as you can tell and it it very smooth, I can feel it hydrating my lips! 
Retail price $8.99

Zaca Recovery Patch 2 pack
I think these are pretty cool, I don't go out drinking too often but these will be nice for the morning after drunk bowling lol 
Retail price for 2 is about $7.93

I made my mom model  the scarf for you =] 
This scarf is a breast cancer awareness item, it is really beautiful and thin so it is perfect for Spring!

Tree Hut Renewing Hand Cream in Moroccan Rose 3 OZ.
This literally smells AMAZING!! I wish that you could scratch and sniff the computer to smell this! I keep opening it up to smell it and randomly smelling my hands, I'm sure people that are around me think that I am crazy lol!

Two nail polishes from The Mindy Project and New Girl and a nail file board! It is only one file with pictures on the front and back. The Mindy Project is a really pretty sparkly purple and the New Girl is a very creamy light pink! I love that these shows are promoting themselves in a different way by using nail polish and nail files! That is way better than commercials and advertisements in magazines! 

Last but not least a $50 Wine 'Gift Card'.
I actually got one of these in my Goodies box this month too so I made the code visible so that if anyone wants to take it they can have it!

Overall this box was absolutely amazing! I thought it was well worth the $14 price and can't wait to get another Cravebox in the future! 


  1. I seriously loved this Cravebox! Jealous of your strawberry water, I got Cucumber Lemon (very happy I didn't get grape, though!)

    Awesome review!

    1. Oooh I'm jealous of your Cucumber Lemon one, that is a new one!! I loved this Cravebox too! I can't wait for another one like this!