Thursday, May 2, 2013



I subscribed to a couple new boxes this month and one of the new ones that I decided to try is Beauty Box 5. I heard about Beauty Box 5 through a Youtube channel that I am subscribed to called Pearls and Daggers the girl on there is absolutely adorable and I love watching her videos! So after seeing a few unboxing videos I decided to sign up for it! Beauty Box 5 costs $12 per month, if you would like your own Beauty Box 5 click Here. 

This is what I got in my first box!

The first item is some Oil-Absorbing facial Tissues by Jean Pierre. This comes in a pack of 50! I love these, especially with summer approaching so these went straight into my purse! This retails for $1.99.

LA FRESH Instant Body Smoother Wipes x2
Retail for about $0.40 each

Model Co. Illusion Lip Pencil in Nude. 
I like having a nude lip liner because it can work well with many different shades. I like this pencil because it is very smooth and doesn't feel dry on my lips.
Retails for $20.

Minxxette Small Brush Hanger.
I am excited for this product! I always dry my brushes on a cloth and when they sit on it for so long it flattens half of the brush, so this will definitely come in handy!
Retails for $4.99.

The last product that I received is an eyeshadow from Brazen Cosmetics in Birthday Suit. It is a nude/natural brown, it is very pretty! 

Overall I really enjoyed this month's box and cannot wait to see what comes in May's box!! 

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