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Hello everyone! This month I signed up for a couple new monthly box subscriptions, just what I need right, lol! I found the Bulu box through another blog, and I wanted to try it. This subscription is a "healthy" subscription where you pay $10 per month for a variety of about 5 items. I picked the weight loss box because I am really wanting to shed some pounds! The first box I got was free!! If you would like a free box use the code FIRSTFREE you can sign up using my link if you would like, CLICK HERE. I think the weight loss box is sold out but the regular box is available, and you might as well try it since it is free right?

So to the fun part, the contents of the box!

The first item I got was a DR. Denese Glow Younger Self Tanning Glove.
On the website a pack of 12 gloves retails for $42, so this sample is worth $3.50. 
I will be giving this to a friend or maybe if someone on here wants it you can either comment or email me at and I will mail it to you =] I am very pale so I do not use any kind of tanning products.

Natural Energy EBOOST Energy Booster in Pink Lemonade. 
I already had this and it is so good! I drank it to give me a little more energy before     doing some Pilate's. I like Eboost because it does have a good taste without giving off that weird tangy after taste. A box of twenty retails for $28 making this sample worth $1.40 

 Shroom Tech Advanced ATP Energy Supplements 

I was a little nervous about these when I got them but after doing some research I do plan on trying them. They are Vegan and contain only natural ingredients so I really like that! You can buy this sample pack on there website, Here for $3.75. 

This is a 'real food' barre, I got it in the flavor Black Swan Chocolate Berry. I actually really enjoyed this and it would work well for me to diet with since it could satisfy my chocolate cravings lol! One bar retails for $2.50

CLICK Vanilla Latte Packet
I was pretty excited when I saw this in the box, I love my lattes and this seemed like an awesome product. This drink actually targets and helps you to lose weight. It did have a good taste and I am tempted to buy more! One packet retails for $2.95.

30 minute workout DVD: worth about $3.28. I haven't tried this yet but I am excited to try it out!

All together this box is worth a little over $17, so for being free it was amazing! I am sticking with Bulu for at least another month since I did enjoy the products in this month's box. Although, next month I am trying out the regular box instead of the weight loss one.

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