Thursday, May 2, 2013



Hello everyone!! So before I start I just want to apologize and say that I will be using pictures from the Beauty Army site today, when I got the box I got a little excited and opened stuff up. It also didn't help that I am visiting my mom while I  and she decided that she wanted a couple of the items I got. This month's box came with 8 products instead of the usual 6 because there was a couple of mess ups in my last box. 

Without further ado, here is what came in my May box:

 This was such an awesome box!! I know that a lot of people do not like getting tea in their box but I really enjoyed both of these flavors! As soon as I opened the box I made the Vanilla Bean tea, I am definitely going to purchase a box of it! 
I am also going to purchase a box of the chocolate tea because it is so yummy!  
I personally am not a fan of the Nelson J Argan Oil Shampoo, only because I don't like how it doesn't foam up; the reason I picked it was because my mom loves it so I decided to be a good daughter and get it for her!

I will show you one 'in person' picture of the NAILUV polish

This color is a very pretty bright and vibrant pink! The only downside to getting this is that you need to have an LED lamp in order to use it. I didn't want to swatch it on my nail, but I am going to go pick me up an LED light and I will update with some photos!

Overall I absolutely love Beauty Army and have been subscribed to them for awhile and will continue my subscription. I love that no matter what you get 6 items and you get to pick those items and the products always come in a cute box (I hoard them lol)! I also love that if you do not like the options  for samples you can skip a month, which you cannot do with most beauty subscriptions, so for $12 per month I am a happy girl! If you would like to sign up for Beauty Army you can click HERE.

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