Thursday, May 9, 2013


I was browsing the Internet a few days ago and came across a blog that had swatches of some polishes by KBSHIMMER and I thought that they were absolutely adorable so  I decided to buy a polish and try it out! The polish I decided on was 'Let's Get Star-ted' which is a creamy white with purple and blue glitter as well as some stars! I only bought one polish because when I am trying out a new company online I don't like to go crazy and buy a bunch because I do not know if I will like their brand. The polish cost's $8.75 + $2.41 Shipping & handling making the total $11.16. 

Now for the polish!

(Sorry I didn't do a clean up of my nails before taking pictures lol)

I absolutely love the look of this nail polish, it is so adorable! I'd only had it on for a few hours and had received a ton of compliments on it, even from my dad and you know how oblivious men can be to 'women' things like nail polish! ;)

I achieved the perfect nail color after 3 coats. Although, even with the three coats I wanted more stars so I dug the brush around the bottle a bit to get some extra ones.

I also have to say that I really like the label on the bottle, it's etched glass with a nice cursive script, it also has a couple of flowers etched into it!

The only thing I disliked about this polish was that it did take awhile to dry, which can be annoying when you have stuff to do and end up hitting your nails on something and then having to re-paint a nail.  

Want your own bottle of KBSHIMMER nail polish, CLICK HERE.

All together I give this nail polish a B-

Loves: colors, stars, packaging, nice brush, fast shipping

Dislikes: slow drying, a little expensive

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  1. Beauty tips blog are very useful for the people!

  2. that's a really cute polish! perfect for 4th of July themed nail arts!!! Thanks for the reviews I will have to add this to my wish list =)