Monday, June 10, 2013


Hello everyone! 
Lately I have been wanting to do some kind of small DIY project, so I decided to make my own nail polish. It is actually VERY easy! All you need is a clear polish, I'm using an elf Cosmetics one, an eyeshadow color of your choice, I picked the Whip Hand L.E. Loose Pigment in Special Forces. This is a sample I got in a Beauty Army box awhile back, I actually received to of them so that is the only reason I decided to use this one for the polish because it is a beautiful gold! The last two items you will need is a q-tip to help mix your polish and a piece of paper to put all your stuff on top of just in case you make a mess. 
The first thing you want to do is crush up your eyeshadow if you are using a pressed shadow, you can use a toothpick for this step. Then you just pour the eyeshadow into your clear nail polish and mix it together with the q-tip or even with the polish brush! I told you it was very simple! I recommend shaking it like crazy for a minute! 

Here are some pictures I took while making my polish!

 No Flash


This is 3 coats of the polish and I absolutely love the gold! It also gives off a little bit of a texture, which reminds me of the sand polish. I cannot wait to try this with other colors! I am planning on buying a lot of red eye shadow so I can make the perfect red polish! 


  1. that is awesome! Really great idea, thank you for sharing :) that polish looks soo pretty and Summer-y love it!

    1. Thanks Jackie! It was so fun and easy! I can't wait to make more of my own polishes! I want to try to make a holo one!

  2. Oh my gosh that is BEAUTIFUL! I'm going to pick up some NYX pigments (they're pretty inexpensive, about $2.99 for a tube at least 3x the size of the Whip Hand) and clear polish and GO TO TOWN!

    You rock!